Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More IVAW RNC Exploits

By: Harry Waisbren

Madison IVAW member Todd Dennis just posted another video of their RNC exploits on his Facebook page. Todd described it like this:
Iraq Veterans Against the War marched on the RNC in St. Paul Minnesota to
protest the war, and deliver a letter on the treatment of veterans of the Iraq
and Afghanistan War. McCain's representatives refused to receive the letter or
meet with the IVAW representative. ...

McCain's diss of our troops isn't really shocking at all considering McCain was even publicly harranged by a veteran during his RNC speech. Even if he wasn't Cheney 2.0 our vets should going after him. I mean,the guy had the audacity to oppose the recently passed GI Bill causing him to have absolutely no answer for when a soldier asked him why he was "fighting to kill" his "one hope and dream" to go to college. Anyways, check out IVAW doing their damndest to make sure as many people know about his horrendous treatment of veterans bellow:

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