Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mad Progress TV: Vietnam's End and Winter Soldier

By: Harry Waisbren

Our first episode of Mad Progress TV analyzes the coming Winter Soldier investigation to be held at 3:00 PM at the University of Wisconsin's Union Theatre on Sept. 27. Madison Winter Soldier is being organized primarily by Iraq Veterans Against the War, but I am very proud to say that Madison's chapter of Campus Progress is supporting this effort as much as we possibly can. We will be working with these true patriots to amplify their voices and hopefully force our elite decision makers to listen to those most affected by their blood-drunk decision making. Just as it was in Vietnam, our soldiers are once again being compelled to commit immoral and illegal acts, and it is long past time for their calls for redemption to be heard!

Our first full episode of Mad Progress TV is dedicated to discussing what Winter Soldier really is, why it is important to listen to veterans who oppose the wars they fight, and why this is such a worthy cause to support. The episode will air this coming Saturday on channel 4 WYOU, but until then we will be publishing various segments with added analysis right here on Madprogress.com.

Check out one such segment below where Campus Anti-war Network leader Chris Dols helps explain the highly obscured history of Winter Soldier's integral role in ending the war in Vietnam:

In the above segment Chris explains how the realization from our veterans in Vietnam that the stated goals of the war, including spreading "freedom" and "democracy", were farcical and then some, the war was not long able to be maintained. This collective realization came about as more and more veterans realized that our liberties and security at home were becoming decreasingly available, and the war came to a close as our soldiers' will to fight rapidly collapsed.

The concept of the Vietnam war ending more due to our soldiers' refusal to fight over that eras protest industry certainly goes against the grain of our establishment's historical narrative, yet it remains incontrovertible fact. Paul Rosenberg of OpenLeft.com has written superbly about this very topic and has cited Col. Robert D. Heinl Jr. to confirm this point:
"Frag incidents" or just "fragging" is current soldier slang in Vietnam for the murder or attempted murder of strict, unpopular, or just aggressive officers and NCOs. With extreme reluctance (after a young West Pointer from Senator Mike Mansfield's Montana was fragged in his sleep) the Pentagon has now disclosed that fraggings in 1970(109) have more than doubled those of the previous year (96).

Word of the deaths of officers will bring cheers at troop movies or in bivouacs of certain units. In one such division -- the morale plagued Americal -- fraggings during 1971 have been authoritatively estimated to be running about one a week....

The issue of "combat refusal", and official euphemism for disobedience of orders to fight --[is] the soldier's gravest crime

It is shocking to believe that our soldiers would ever engage in such a grave crime as "combat refusal", much less go so far as to FRAG THEIR OFFICERS (i.e. throw a grenade into their room and run)! It is useful to remind ourselves that the same ruling class that forced our soldiers into such predicament then are still in power today, as it is the most brazen example of just how far down the path of irreconciable misdeeds our power elite will go. Furthermore, it should be seered in our societies collective memory as an example of just how much horribly wrong things can go in war, and why it is so important for the people to compel their media and government to disclose the most important issues of war and peace.

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