Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conan creating Iraq war comedy pilot

By: Harry Waisbren

Even though I do not watch Conan O'brien very often, I have long been a fan of his (at least since I found out he was playing Walker Texas Ranger clips on his show). That said, this news is by far the most interesting thing I've heard him do:
USA Network gave a cast-contingent green light to a new pilot, Operating Instructions, from Conan O’Brien’s Conaco production company and Universal Cable Productions.

While the pilot is a comedy, the subject matter -- at least on its face -- would seem more suited to a drama series.

Operating Instructions is about a top female trauma surgeon who returns from two tours in Iraq to become head of surgery at a military hospital. She finds that she is leaving one combat zone and entering another as she tries to navigate the stateside healthcare system and the bureaucracy that comes with it, all while juggling an unexpected romantic encounter.

The pilot was written by Judd Pillot and John Peaslee (According to Jim8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teen-Age DaughterJust Shoot Me) and is being executive-produced by Pillot, Peaslee, O’Brien and David Kissinger.

It's a real interesting concept, but it certainly could go either way as the commentary about what our veterans' health care system really is like is hardly a laughing matter. Then again, catharsis could certainly be in order for those involved. Plus, making jokes about how absurd it is that a nation who hollers about supporting the troops as much as ours does treats them so pitifully when they come home could lead to more exposure.

In that veign, if you want to watch some Walker Texas Ranger clips here ya go:

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