Sunday, September 28, 2008

Attacked and Censored

By: Harry Waisbren

I just received the following email from Robert Greenwald of Brave New PAC about the ongoing campaign I've been helping out with to get McCain to release his medical records:

Dear Harry,

We knew we hit a nerve when Rush, Drudge, and O'Reilly unleashed on us the same day. Then, MSNBC censored the McCain health records ad, a Brave New PAC initiative, due to Bill O'Reilly/Fox's pressure (video embeded below):

And why? Because of the work we have all done together to stress the importance of John McCain releasing his health care records. Led by over 2500 doctors from around the country, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, asking important questions about the records, about his health, and stating loud and clear the records should be released.

We need your help to continue to get the message out. We must keep the focus on these records and getting them released. We must take an ad out in the NY Times. We must hold press events with doctors in Colorado, Florida, Michigan, and Ohio. We must interview more doctors, create video clips and send them around. Can you contribute to making all this possible?

This campaign is the result of all your great work in spreading the videos, telling friends, bloggers, radio, TV, unions and churches about the issues -- McCain has a YouTube Problem just passed 5.5 million views (video embeded below):

Thank you for your support. More to come!

Robert Greenwald
Brave New Films

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