Friday, September 5, 2008

IVAW Member Disrupts McCain Speech at RNC

By: Harry Waisbren

A member of Iraq Veterans Against the War was able to get into the Republican National Convention and hold up a sign that says "McCain Votes Against Vets". It certainly is a good point to make considering he has a record that leaves vets behind and was especially full of it with his nonsensical excuses for opposing the recently passed G.I. Bill. Check it out below (via Todd Dennis):

I really like this line of attack on McCain, especially when it comes from veterans. People need to know that our troops reject McCain's plan for Iraq and are donating 6 times as much to Obama as they are for McCain. McCain doesn't think it matters when our troops come home, and this narrative needs to be forced down the throat of our mainstream media system that couldn't care less about what our soldiers are going through. Keith Olbermann did a good job in a special comment on this in June, and I will be doing all I can to amplify the calls for McCain (and Obama too for that matter) to care more about our soldiers than the big money organizations making a killing off their sacrifice.

You can check out the Keith special comment below:

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