Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Final Season of The Shield Begins!

By: Harry Waisbren

So I have been telling myself for far too long to write out a thorough list of my predictions about what is to come and what themes will be developed from the greatest television show of all time---The Shield. Of course, with far too many other projects afoot I have left this one for far too long, but I'm going to leave a few choice predictions before the first episode just to say I did and will later on flesh them out much more (especially as they are proven right no doubt).

Anyways, here are the three most important interrelated predictions I have :

1. The Shield finale will assert its status as most highly acclaimed television drama of all time. Yes, ahead of the Sopranos. In fact, the Sopranos finale will be discussed to contrast The Shield in terms of how to make at thematic point yet also leaving the audience satisfied. If it weren't for the following two though, then this status would not be possible.

2. Vic Mackey will die in one of the most shocking twists of TV history. He will be turn himself in and admit that his is a cop killer, and will be killed by lethal injections. This will be incredibly controversial as the viewer will desperately not want him to die, and most likely could not fathom that he would die in such a way. However, since the first episode of the series there has been a long standing theme that can only be explained in one way.

and lastly...

3. The theme of "the shield" will be regarded as one of the most profound messages ever depicted on television, film, theatre, or any media for that matter. The show has been explaining since the very first episode how Vic is able to kill another cop and generally be "Al Capone with a badge" (as Acevada describes him) yet still believe wholeheartedly that he is a good cop. The reason Vic believes this is that he shields the truth from himself by internalizing the notion that all of the craven things he does are "not my fault". Vic has used his badge as his shield to believe that he is really a cop and not a criminal, yet in the end there will be osmethign not even he can do and his shields will break. He will recognize that he is a criminal, and a pretty notorious one at that, and will turn himself in...no matter the consequences.

As I said before, much more to come. I am far too into this show, but in all honesty, I don't think there is any other media example that has taught me more about human nature. And in the coming weeks, as the pinnacle of my television viewing experience to this point is reached, I hope to help others have this sort of experience that I have had as well!

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