Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain needs to be asked about his medical records!

By: Harry Waisbren

I just received an email from Robert Greenwald from Brave New Films with the next step in the ongoing campaign to achieve transparency in regards to McCain's eroding health. He has had 4 BOUTS WITH CANCER but has not yet released his medical records. The prospect of President Palin keeps me up at night, so that is why I particularly appreciate this effort. This time, Greenwald is empowering activists like us to help push for a question about these records to be asked during the presidential debate this friday:

Recurrences of malignant melanoma, a savage tumor that can and does reappear after periods of hope-filled absence, are too common and serious to be cloaked for political purposes. - Theodore M. Cole, MD

Dear Harry,

53,491: People who have signed Brave New Films' open letter calling for a full, public disclosure of McCain's health records.

2,515: Doctors who signed the open letter urging McCain to release his records.

1,173: Pages in McCain's medical records dumped on the media in a publicity stunt last May.

20:. Journalists allowed to review his records for the 2008 election.

3: Hours those journalists were permitted to review them.

0: The number of tape recorders, cell phones, cameras or photocopying machines allowed in the room.

How many of you will write in urging PBS' Jim Lehrer to ask McCain about his health records during Friday's debate?

Watch the 30 second ad

This debate will deal with foreign policy, and McCain's health issues constitute a national security issue, especially when you consider how his secrecy about medical records echoes the Bush administration's legacy of lies. Will McCain's health limit his capacity to make tough decisions regarding diplomacy and military action? We don't know, because McCain is keeping his medical records a tightly held secret, made available to just a handful of journalists for three hours under close supervision.

Send a quick e-mail to Jim Lehrer, moderator of Friday's debate, with the subject line: "Ask McCain to Disclose His Health Records in Full." Then, donate to Brave New PAC today so we can get this ad on the air. We have the right to have an open discussion about this grave issue, and now we have the chance to bring transparency and accountability to politics.


Robert Greenwald
and everyone at Brave New PAC

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