Tuesday, June 17, 2008

VP Speculation Update

By: Harry Waisbren

My first post regarding VP speculation highlighted my predictions that Wesley Clark would make the best option for Obama as VP as well as my theory that McCain calling on Bobby Jindal would be a major mistake. Since then, I believe both predictions have been further confirmed.

Here is a video of Wesley Clark absolutely tearing John McCain's argument regarding his military experience into shreds. No other democrat has been able to make this argument so forceably, as they do not have remotely the experience or the backbone of Clark to take a page out of Karl Rove's handbook and attack the strengths of the opponent. However, he did this with class and decency in very unrovian like fashion, further increasing its effect (via OL):

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Bobby Jindal continues to make himself look like the wingnuts' wingnut by arguing that creationism is part "of the very best science" (via TP):

If these two do become the Vice Presidential candidates, I believe the chasm of credibility between them will certainly aid Obama. All the more reason for Obama to consider Clark, as there just isn't anyone else out there who has as much credibility on military issues. I am certain that a debate between him and a flat-earther like Jindal would be absolutely hilarious, and it would further emphsize just how unserious of a presidential prospect John McCain has become.

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