Thursday, June 19, 2008

Impeachment: Not Going Away

By: Harry Waisbren

With the horrid news that the Democrats are likely to succeed in their efforts to give the Bush administration and telecommunications everything they want, it is good to remind yourself that there are at least a few politicians who are not entirely snake oil salesmen. With that, I give you video of Dennis Kucinich vowing that more impeachment articles are upcoming and that he will do everything in his power to prevent the Democrats from preventing this debate (via Think Progress):

“The minute the leadership said ‘this is dead on arrival’ I said that I hope they believe in life after death; because I’m coming back with it,” Kucinich vowed in an interview with the Sleuth this week. “It’s not gonna die. Because I’ll come back with more articles. Not 35, but perhaps 60 articles."

Supporting Kucinich's and Wexler's calls for impeachment, or at least investigations of impeachment, is an act of patriotism. Another act of patriotism: supporting the very recently launched Strange Bedfellows campaign to expose how little the bipartisan politico/media establishment cares about our rights.

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