Monday, June 2, 2008

Rev. Hagee Strikes Again

By: Harry Waisbren

Max Blumenthal finds another fantastic example of the sort of unifying religious figure that I am so proud the Joe Lieberman's of the world are negotiating with in my name. Jews across the land should be proud that John McCain actively sought and claimed to be comfortable with the endorsement of a man who says the anti-christ was not only partially Jewish, but gay as well:

McCain chased this guy's endorsement for a year yet then blatantly flip flopped once enough people recognized what a whack job he is. Even if McCain recognized his folly, merely the very pursuit of this sort of bigot should be unforgivable, and anyone who does so should be relegated to the lunatic fringe with all the other wingnuts. If you want to help make that happen, go sign J-Street's petittion to Joe Lieberman demanding he do just that. This kind of crazy makes you wonder why the Press is so obsessed with scary black pastors while new age KKK guys like Hagee seem to be everywhere.

For more Hagee fun, check out how he said Hitler was fulfilling God's wishes for the Jews, how he wants Israel destroyed prior to instituting mass conversions, and how God struck New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina due to the planning of a "sinful" homosexual rally.

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