Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fox News---need I say more?

By: Harry Waisbren

So the Bush administration's official propaganda outlet had some things to say about Barack Obama giving his wife some "dap" when they engaged in a fist pound following his wrapping up the democratic nominiation----shockingly, Fox News was perturbed by this startling development:

In this clip they refer to the fist bumb as a "terrorist fist jab", going even further than they typically do. The supposed controversy over this incident was so ridiculous that even conservative Democrat Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) showed support to the Obamas by engaging in their own fist bump on CNN.

I agree with Rachel Maddow in the clip when she describes how this incident is something to laugh and rejoice over, as it is just one of the more blatant examples of how ridiculous the far right has gotten. The best part is that this is still so early in the campaign that the psychotic and racist id of the radical Republican psyche is only beginning to be tapped, and we'll be seeing a whole lot more comedy spectacles like this in the near future.

UPDATE: Haha, so E.D. Hill, the fist bump questioning terrorist detector, has had her show canceled mere days after the outcry from such a display of ludicrousness.

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