Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Obama Takes it to Lieberman

By: Harry Waisbren

I am so happy to report that one of Obama's first acts of domination of the Democratic party was to absolutely embarrass Holy Joe Lieberman. In the video below he leads him away and threatens him to all hell in politcal speak for stabbing him in the back through contributing to the insinuations that he is a Marxist Al Qaeda Black Muslim Reverand Wright loving threat to national security:

I'm particularly psyched about this, as I consider Joe Lieberman to be an absolute disgrace for the Jewish religion (as well as all Americans in general). Holy Joe loves war so much that he is still a major supporter of Pastor Hagee due to his calls for war with Iran which he believes will speed up the rapture, brought on by an anti-christ who is a gay Jew (seriously, he's coocoo for cocoa puffs). This is even more egregious considering McCain has already been shamed into flipflopping on him after persuing his endorsement for over a year.

Call me crazy, but anyone who supports a guy who says that Hitler merely was fulfilling God's wishes of speeding up Armageddon should be tarred, feathered, and ridiculed so badly that he has to move to another country Steve Bartman style. J-Street is contributing to this effort through it's petition calling on him to immediately withdraw his commitment to deliver the keynote address at Hagee's Israel Summit this coming July, which you can sign here.

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