Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 8th Edition of Forward Forum

By: John Quinlan

This is Forward Forum's John Quinlan, attending the National Conference for Media Reform. Please join Harry Waisbren, Stephanie Woods, and Laura Gutknecht (all here in Minneapolis, too!) for a very special show this Sunday evening, June 8th, from 7-9 pm on WTDY, 1670 AM, and streaming online at

Dozens of Madisonians and thousands of activists, journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, and podcasters from every corner of the US and beyond are here this weekend to examine the current deplorable state of corporate-owned journalism, and the promise represented by new technologies that we all hope will democratize the way we interact and receive our news.

This is a conference that began four years ago in Madison at an event that many believe signified the birth of a powerful new movement for social change--the movement for Media Reform. Guests here will include Amy Goodman, Dan Rather, and Bill Moyers--not to mention Madison's own Bob McChesney and John Nichols, the founders of this conference.

We also hope to hear from a cross-section of many of you who are also here with us this weekend for your own perceptions. Join us at 608-321-1670.

Our discussion will wander well into our second hour, but as we wind up our show, we'll be marking this historic week in the presidential race, with reflections on the many meanings underlying the clinching of the Democratic nomination by Barack Obama. Once again, your comments are welcome! (As of press time, we were seeking comments from those involved with the voting rights struggles and other aspects of the civil rights movement.... stay tuned.)

All of us are hyped to the max by this exciting conference, and all it represents for the future of our media and our country. Please tune in!

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