Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obama Exposes McCain's False Tax Attacks

By: Harry Waisbren

The Obama campaign has come out with a video to refute the charges on Obama's tax plan from McCain's "Karl-rove style campaign". Check out the video below:

I really like the charge of McCain running a Karl Rove style campaign, as along with representing a third term of Bush McCain ceratinly represents a third term of Rove as well. It is confirmed that Rove is in regular contact with top McCain staffers, which is pretty absurd considering we have congressmen charging that he should be sent to jail while Rove flees the country to avoid congressional subpeonas.

Considering we even have a GOP congressman is hinting that he'd support sending Turd Blossom to the slammer, I think it's a particularly great time for Obama to be hitting McCain hard for their connections to Rove and their use of his despicable political tactics.

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