Friday, August 8, 2008

August 8th edition of Meet the Bloggers

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Mad Progress will be syndicating this episode at 12pm C/1pm ET/10am PT when our guest will be Darcy Burner, co-author of the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq.

Our panel of bloggers David Goldstein (, Joan McCarter (Daily Kos), and Matt Stoller (Open Left) will be discussing ways to bring about an end to the Iraq War. Specifically, they will focus on A Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq, which Burner co-authored. David Goldstein has a pre-show post about the Responsible Plan.

Read up on The Responsible Plan (pdf) and all the links below so you can ask Burner and our bloggers questions about the war. Become part of the Meet the Bloggers community today:

A Responsible Plan for the Iraq War That Wonks Didn't Write by Moira Whelan, Democracy Arsenal
Five Years Later, a Responsible Plan to End the War by Joan McCarter, Daily Kos
End the War: Try Again by Christopher Hayes, The Nation
Dems Regroup on Iraq Plans by Ryan Grim, Politico
42 Democrats Vow a Drawdown in Iraq If They Win Seats by Paul Kane, Washington Post
How Important Was the Surge? by Ezra Klein and Dylan Matthews, The American Prospect
"If They Find Out I Told You, They Will Kill Me" by Anna Badkhen, Salon

You can participate by asking a question in the live blog below, or you can submit a question by video here:

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