Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fox News Is Scared of Dem Dirty Hippies

By: Harry Waisbren

Here's a video from Fox News on the left wing protests at the DNC. To their credit they actually noted that these groups are not fans of Obama (though the reporter emphasized how surprised he was to see it), but I think the most instructive part of this video is how all encompassing the conventional wisdom that such people could not possibly be reasoned with is. The notion of an inherrent unseriousness of the left truly harms the prospects for progressive goals, and it's one I am actively working to refute. Check it out for yourself below (via Glenn Greenwald):

Although my opinions on the utility of protest are developing due in large part to how they are depicted, I must admit, seeing the fear in the eyes of our establishment media makes me even more confident that real change is upon us. Such protests are certainly motivation building for those who share such views already, but sadly, such a video will do little to help Fox News viewers escape from the Matrix-esque bizzaro world they are trapped in.

The question of how important and feasible that really is will be often debated on this blog, as I consider exposing and ending the finely tuned propaganda appartus that our mainstream media has become to be perhaps the most integral battle for true patriots to fight in these times.

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