Monday, August 11, 2008

McCain's Wikipedia-based Foreign Policy

By: Harry Waisbren

So McCain decided to give his two cents on the Georgia Russia struggle, and amazingly his opinions on Georgia almost exactly correspond with what Wikipedia has to say (via Chris Bowers):
Now, I love wikipedia, and think it is a great resource. However, lifting your
report on a subject directly from an encylopedia is something most people are
encouraged to stop doing in, oh, about the sixth grade. If you, your policy
team, and your speech writing team are still doing it when commenting on an
international crisis while running for President of the United States, that's
both pathetic and scary.

If McCain becomes President, we all need to make sure that wikipedia is carefully updated, since it will apparently inform our government on how to handle an international crisis. A properly updated wikipedia could end up determining the fate of the world.

Where I disagree slightly with Bowers is that Wikipedia actually might not be the worst place McCain can go for foreign policy advice. This is because it's a hell of a lot better source than the neocon garbage that has dictated his worldview for so long. Such crazed views have led him to a beliefs that are even more radical than Bush, including his suggestion that we should essentially live in a military dictatorship. If you need more evidence of how ridiculous it is that foreign policy is considered a strength of McCain's, check out this video compilation highlighting just a portion of his gaffes from TPMtv:

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