Tuesday, April 29, 2008

True Cost of War: May 2nd Rally

by: Harry Waisbren

As part of the Iraq/Recession Campaign, Madison's chapter of Campus Progress is presenting our True Cost of War Event this Friday, May 2nd. We will be addressing how the true cost of war can not be seen only in its cost, but it must be assessed in terms of the essential services our government is choosing not to provide us with our own tax dollars.

The event will be starting at UW Library Mall at 4:00 with live music by Adam Isaac and the People (2008 Madison Area Music Award nominee for Artist of the Year – Pop Band category)

From 4:30 – 5:00 State Rep. Mark Pocan will be speaking about how college students have been affected by the disparity of funding towards the war in Iraq and college scholarships, creating jobs at home, and providing the affordable health care so badly needed by young professionals and veterans alike.

From 5:00 – 5:30 we will parade to Capitol Square, State & Mifflin at Veterans Museum

From 5:30 – 6:00 Watch the show and see where your money goes with guest hosts Lee Rayburn & John Quinlan

Madison local taxpayers have paid $309.6 MILLION for the Iraq War and Wisconsin $8.3 BILLION state-wide since 2003. How do you think our government should have spent YOUR $309.6 million in taxes?

How would you vote?

 238,255 Children receive Healthcare
 199,601 Adults receive Healthcare
 46,624 Children in Head Start Education
 5,400 Elementary teachers added
 46,028 College scholarships given
 377,581 Homes with renewable electricity
 6,930 Police/Firemen for Public Safety

Bring or pick up a Bush Buck at the Square and drop your ballot into the box where you would like to see your money go. Watch the show and see what our government is spending it on instead!

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