Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20th Installment of Forward Forum

This week's show is destined to be a great one I do believe, packed full of experts to discuss some of hte most important issues of the day.

We begin our first hour with a live in-studio interview with current Capital Times Executive Editor Paul Fanlund, who will soon take the helm as editor of a dramatically different version of The Capital Times, when the paper ceases daily publication at the end of this week, just months after celebrating its 90th birthday. The paper's transition to a 24/7 online version, supplemented by a Wednesday printed editorial section, and a Thursday arts and entertainment section, is a development being watched worldwide by newspaper industry leaders, and those with an investment in the success of New Media.

At 7:30, we then go to one of our favorite guests, Sharyl Kato, executive director of the Rainbow Project, joins us by phone at the bottom of our first hour to explain educational efforts underway, during April, which is Child Abuse Prevention month. This week, for example (April 20-27), a Pinwheel Project Display will be planted in honor of Dane County child abuse and neglect victims, on the Zor Shrine property--one which will be visible from the Beltline.Founded in 1980, the Rainbow Project offers specialized services for young children, through seven years-of-age, & their families, who are 1) in stress, 2) or those who may be at risk due to the effects of domestic violence, child abuse & neglect, 3) social-developmental & behavioral problems, or 4) parent/child & family relationship issues.

Then at 8:00 we will be interviewing Will Williams of Veterans for Peace. We'll be discussing the state of military veterans in our country and what is being done to change it. Specifically, we will discuss the intricacies of the new bipartisan GI Bill circulating through Congress, as well as John McCain's refusal to co-sponsor it. This will then culminate in a discussion over what it really means to support the troops, and why the media portrays supporting the troops so differently.

Lastly, we will end with a preview of a special event ten days from now on the UW campus, sponsored by a wide variety of UW and national groups working for peace, with further details to come next week.

Hope you can catch it!

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