Friday, April 25, 2008


by: Barbara Wright

This Thursday, April 24, 5pm, about 16 people from the MoveOn Operation Democracy council came out in the pouring rain to release a report by MoveOn on the War and the Recession outside Sen. Kohl’s Office.

Speaking of pouring, this report shows how the billions of dollars we are pouring into the Iraq war could better be used at home for our critical domestic issues like healthcare, childcare, education and college grants and low interest loans. The report shows that all over the country voters understand that the current recession is directly related to the spending on the Iraq war.

Just this week two of the biggest manufacturing companies in the Madison area, Sub-zero and Stoughten Trailer have announced massive lay-offs. The housing crisis and gas prices are factors but the out of control spending of our taxpayer dollars in Iraq, money that could be used here at home to provide healthcare and Headstart and low income loans to ease the strain companies and their employees feel, is gone to pay for this illegal war.

As seen in the report, the message of the people polled is clear: End the war and then end the recession. Let's have some real homeland security, secure jobs, secure communities and true economic security. Oh, no press showed up but homeland security watched us from across the street. We all waved like the friendly folks we are.

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