Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nov. 30th edition of Forward Forum

By: John Quinlan

On the Sunday, November 30th, 2008 Forward Forum (airing from 7-9pm on WTDY 1670am and streaming live at

* Panel of LGBTQA Youth Explore Meanings Around the Holocaust
* Analysis and Perspective on the Violence in Mumbai from UW Professor of South Asian Studies Joe Elder
* Post-Election Reflections on how "The Real Work Begins Now," -- how young people and new media tools will continue to play an ongoing role in advancing social change--with co-host Harry Waisbren, just back from Washington, DC

In our 7pm hour

* LGBT history comes alive for youth; young people reflect on the meanings behind the exhibit "Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals: 1933-1945."   
We'll be joined in studio and by phone by several high school age young people who helped to organize the exhibit, who will share their perceptions about what it's meant to them in the here and now to learn about this history, as one GSAFE leader put it, "the ultimate expression of the hatred behind bullying." 

A traveling exhibit of the US Holocaust Museum brought to Madison and Wisconsin by the Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (, this powerful exhibit documents the treatment of gay people in Nazi Germany before, during and immediately following the Holocaust.  The exhibit's overarching theme is "From Hate to Hope," and through the exhibit, and a diverse series of associated events, those who have attended have left the experience with a sobering look at the homophobic manifestation of man's inhumanity toward his fellow man.  At the same time, many have also left with a newfound resolve to work for a world that transforms memories of that time of extreme hatred into hope and understanding--all the while placing current events in perspective.

As noted below, the exhibit continues in the lobby of the UW-Madison's Memorial Library (entrance across from the University Bookstore on the State Street Mall) through December 10th.  A special closing ceremony will occur on Saturday, Dec. 6th at 7pm co-sponsored by the Jewish Community Council at Temple Beth El, 2702 Arbor Drive.
(Arbor Drive runs parallel to 
Monroe Street, one block south.)  Highlights will include a return performance by renowned pianist/activist Adrienne Torf and Cellist Karl LaVine of Torf's original composition, which movingly evokes the complicated meanings and emotions behind the history depicted by the exhibit, and the movement for LGBT liberation that followed.  ( .)  

Another highlight of the Dec. 6th closing event will be a presentation by award-winning author Lev Raphael ( ), a gay Jewish man who is the son of Holocaust survivors.  An extremely prolific author of both fiction and non-fiction, his recent books include, "Coming out of Shame: Transforming Gay and Lesbian Lives," (co-written with Gershen Kaufman).  
Openly gay Olympic swimmer Greg Louganis writes, "With its emphasis on building self-esteem and developing intimacy, this book will nurture the soul of our community."  Rafael, the son of Holocaust survivors, is the author of almost two dozen books, including "Journeys & Arrivals: On Being Gay and Jewish."  He has also recently written, "Stick Up For Yourself!", and its accompanying teacher's guide, described at "the ultimate resource for any kid who's ever been picked on at school, bossed around, blamed for things he or she didn't do, or treated unfairly." 

For more information on Lev (and links to his weekly radio show), go to

Also joining us are GSAFE staff people Brian Juchems and Tim Michaels, who along with E.D. Cindy Crane and countless volunteers, have worked tirelessly over many months to bring this exhibit to Madison in a way that has provided an educational and uplifiting experience--grounded in their joint mission of conveying the program theme of "From Hate to Hope."  It's the latest in a series of shows we've devoted to this subject, including last week's two part panel discussion.  See our archives off of the podcast page at for a replay of this and other recent programs.  You can also re-experience the exhibit's opening ceremony through our Forward Forum audio highlights page at .

Then at 8pm

We'll be joined by Joseph Elder, UW-Madison professor of South Asian studies, who will help place recent events in Mumbai, India into perspective.  Among other subjects we'll explore is the effect of events like these on UW students studying abroad.

Special note from Forward Forum host John Quinlan:  these events have had a special resonance with me, having spent extensive time walking the streets of south Mumbai on a life-changing 1989 trip to India with my mother, who was returning there for the first time, 35 years after her four year experience there as a missionary/teacher.  Resonant memories include our first night's dinner in a restaurant at the Taj Hotel, and a visit to the Gateway of India arch (where the terrorists allegedly landed), where one of our hosts did extensive work in mentoring the homeless boys who lived in its shadow (some of whom had been evicted from their homes when their parents suspected they were gay).  Please keep all affected by these tragic events close in your thoughts and prayers in days to come.

Later in that hour -- an open phones discussion with John and co-host Harry Waisbren, continuing our ongoing theme of discussing ways that the grassroots and new media work that began with election must continue now.  Harry is just back from Washington, DC where he's been networking with a variety of progressive and student-based organizations determined to keep working for positive social change.

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As noted below, the exhibit continues in the lobby of the UW-Madison's memorial library entrance across from the university bookstore on the state street mall through December 10th.