Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can we be rid of Lieberman already?

By: Harry Waisbren

Brave New Films is out with a new video emphasizing that Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is no progressive and should be stripped of his Chairmanship of the powerful Homeland Security committee (which he could use to investigate a president Obama). Regrettably, an effort ot ensure this is necessary considering that the democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is acting like a Lieberman apologist. Check it out the video below:

As Jane Hamsher writes at Fiderdoglake, the case against Lieberman is extremely strong:
  • He said that "Obama has not always put country first."
  • He thought it was a "good question" to inquire whether Obama is a Marxist.
  • He misleadingly accused Obama of having "voted to cut off funding for our troops."
  • He repeated the claim that "Hamas endorsed Obama" and said it "suggests the difference between these two candidates."
  • He sent out an email for McCain, referring to the "Democrat" Party, the derogatory term of art preferred by the most partisan Republicans.

Furthermore, Think Progress is out with a new report that documents "Lieberman’s significant shift to the right in both foreign and domestic policy". Check out a few excerpts below:

– Said Investigating Response To Katrina Would Be Playing ‘Gotcha’:Lieberman said he was not interested in “looking back, and assigning blame would be a waste of Congress’ time.” Lieberman said he was reluctant to mount an investigation of the failures of the initial response, saying “We don’t want to play ‘gotcha’ anymore.” [Chicago Tribune,1/20/07]

– Claimed That A Progressive Economic Stimulus Would Lead To A Depression: Speaking at Dartmouth University, “Lieberman compared Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama’s economic plan to former president Herbert Hoover’s approach, which he said ‘turned a recession into a depression.’” [The Dartmouth, 10/24/08]

– Supported Attorney General Alberto Gonzales To The Bitter End:Reacting to Gonzales’s resignation, Lieberman commented, “The Attorney General’s resignation removes a distraction from the important work of the Department of Justice,” but added, “As he leaves public service, the Attorney General deserves our appreciation for his work for our nation.” [Senate Website, 8/27/07]

– Suggested That Obama Could Be A Marxist: When asked if Obama is “a Marxist as Bill Kristol says might be the case,” Lieberman replied, “Well, you know, I must say that’s a good question.” [Fox News, 5/14/08]

If you want to help ensure that Lieberman is held at least partially accountable--or at least ensure that he will not be able to rediscover his love of investigating an Obama administration after years of abject negligence--use the web tool below:

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