Thursday, October 2, 2008

Off the Bus Debate Assignment

By: Harry Waisbren

Here's the latest assignment from Huffington Post's citizen journalist squadron Off the Bus:

We need just 15 minutes of your time tonight -- 

We need you to tune into your local broadcast media's programming tonight following the Biden-Palin vice presidential debate, and QUICKLY report back to us on the coverage. What exactly are your local broadcast journalists saying about the debate? Do they think Biden or Palin won? If so, why? Tomorrow we will publish a story written by HuffPost's OffTheBus member Beverly Davis based on your reports. 

DEADLINE: 2am Eastern

FILE HERE: If you email in your reports, we probably will not use them. The 'Survey Monkey' form enables us to download and to quickly sort responses by state and media outlet. Go here to report. 

  Here is what we need you to tell us.

  • Media outlet's name by call letters (eg. New York's WCBS):

  • Name of broadcast journalist(s) who commented on the Biden-Palin debate:

  • Describe your local media outlet's take on tonight's vice presidential debate between Biden and Palin in 3-4 complete sentences. Include AT LEAST ONE QUOTE to support your conclusion. We may quote you, so write well! For example -- "Both broadcast journalists, Sam Jones and Melinda Rogers, described the debate as 'a draw.' They pointed out that neither candidate won hands-down and that, while 'Palin exceeded expectations' (Jones) and Biden 'demonstrated his foreign policy expertise' (Rogers) neither candidate emerged victorious."

  • Did the network replay footage of the debate? If so, what clips? Please provide direct quotes whenever possible and note the broadcasters' comments. For example: "The network showed McCain smirking next to the podium. Rogers said, 'He looks a bit angry, doesn't he?''"

Let me know if you've got any questions -- thank you! 

Amanda -- Marc, John, Hanna, and Gabe

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