Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oct. 26th edition of Forward Forum

By: John Quinlan

his is John Quinlan for Forward Forum.  Please join me, co-host Harry Waisbren and producer Stephanie Woods for the first part of our two part, Election Special, this Sunday from 7-9 pm on 1670am, WTDY, and streaming live online at .  (Show; show blog; updates coming later this weekend.)  And please join in our conversation by calling 321-1670 locally and 1-877-867-1670 toll free from across the U.S., or by sending an email to  And we'll also be unveiling other exciting ways for you to participate through and a special parallel online discussion...  tune in for the details.

Please join us and our guests, Sarah Palin biographer Sue Katz and Internet activist, privacy rights expert, and voter suppression opponent Jon Pincus.

AT 7pm, we'll be revealing new insights about vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, with our guest Sue Katz, author of "Thanks but no Thanks: The Voter's Guide to Sarah Palin."  It's a meticulously researched book, which author Susie Bright praises in saying, "Forget the myths about the GOP's latest superstar--Katz will show the real motivations behind Palin and where she comes from."

Sue Katz is an author, teacher, and journalist, and creator of the popular blog, "Sue Katz: Consulting Adult."  Her passport shows more wear than Palin's--she has lived and worked on three continents and continues her lifelong committment to social justice from her home outside Boston.  Her second book, an edgy and unabashed look at the private behavior of boomers, is due in 2009.

AT 8pm, we'll tackle the disturbing topic of voter suppression with a pioneering social scientist/activist who is using his considerable knowledge of the Internet and New Media to counter this newly-resurgent trend threatening to seriously erode our democratic freedoms.  Jon Pincus's biography is emblematic of the growing fusion between New Media and social justice activism.  His current primary research interests include the interactions between social networks and diversity theory, trolls, and recasting the field of computer science as a social science His current professional projects include Tales from the Net (a book on social networks co-authored with Deborah Pierce and his brother Greg) and launching a strategy consulting practice (see  

Some of the social science approaches embodied in his work include asset-based thinking, narratology, cognitive diversity, intersectionality, standpoint theories and situated knowledges, oppression theory, action research, and hot pink beanbag chairs.  He applies similar approaches in his civil liberties activism work, for example with Get FISA Right and the Voter Suppression Wiki; his professional and activist sides merge in my involvement with Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference(see he is currently vice-chair of online visibility for the 2009 conference.

For more info, go to his fascinating blog, Liminal States, at .  And be sure to go to co-host Harry Waisbren's blog, , for details on some unique opportunities for you to interact with us online during and after our interview.

And don't forget to join our colleague Stephanie Woods in her new time slot of 6pm Sundays (immediately preceding Forward Forum) for her lively and topical show, "Sunday Night Live with Stephanie Woods."

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