Thursday, May 8, 2008

True Cost of War Rally

By: Harry Waisbren

Campus Progress's first True Cost of War event went very well, with about 50 or so participants joining in despite the weather being horrid until a few hours before the event. Here's our flickr page with all of the pictures from the event, but I'll go through some of the highlights below:

Here is Mitra and myself with State Rep. Mark Pocan right before he made his speech discussing the difficulties state governments are having providing desperately needed services due to the war---

Here is the front of our march emphasizing how much Madison has already spent on the war. Deeper in we had signs discussing how Madison may have spent our share of the Iraq war funding on education, health care, and the environment---

When we finished the march at the state capitol we met up with the man who most controls the allocation of our could almost call him the Decider---
Shortly thereafter, some of President Bush's best friends came to join the party. We had Vice President Cheney, Republican Presidential nominee McCain, and a bevy of corporate executives come thank him for his values over how he is spending our tax money...and then they stole more---

I really thought this event went well, especially since we looked at it as a test run for larger events we wish to have in the future. It was relieving to know that we have a functioning coalition able to pull this off, and the response we had from how we framed the issues couldn't have been better. People need to understand how devastating the war has been to our day to day lives, and we hope our dramatic interpretations over this dynamic will help solidify this in the minds of our fellow citizens.

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