Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 17th Edition of Forward Forum

by: John Quinlan

We open this week's show with a discussion with Suzanne Gordon about the ongoing nursing crisis. Gordon is a phenomenal expert to have discuss this topic, as she is the author of "Safety In Numbers: Nurse-to-Patient Ratios and the Future of Health Care".

We will also have Peace Activist Allen Ruff and Erik Leaver of the Washington-based Foreign Policy Institute come on to discuss the Madison Area Peace Coalition's May 24th event Call to Action: Honor Soldiers & Civilians by Surging Against War and Occupation.

To close out the show, we will talk to Josh Silver, Executive Director of Free Press. Free Press sponsors the National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis June 6-8th. All of us at Forward Forum will be attending and covering the conference, so we are certainly excited to get a first hand preview of it tonight!

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