Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pledge to Hold the Media Accountable

By: Harry Waisbren

Media Matters has a new video and petition out designed to combat our media's McCain manlove:

This is an incredibly important issue for this election, especially considering our mainstream media is already going so far as to literally edit out McCain's mistakes. This sort of despicable conduct was not unexpected though, as it was explained in the Media Matters' produced book "Free Ride: John McCain and the Media". Fortuantely for the country, we have groups like Media Matters to help lead the pushback against the McCain media through actions just like this one:
Following a week of coverage focused on unfounded complaints of media bias by Sen. John McCain and his surrogates, Media Matters Action Network today launched an ad campaign highlighting the media’s long-held affection for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and seeking public support to hold the media accountable.The ad follows on the heels of a new study from the conservative Center for Media and Public Affairs, which reportedly found that during the initial phase of the general election, network evening news coverage has been more favorable toward John McCain than Barack Obama. Though Obama has received a greater volume of coverage at times, the tone of his coverage has been more negative, according to CMPA.

CMPA reportedly examined all statements by anchors and reporters on the network
evening news broadcasts between June 8, the day after Hillary Clinton dropped out of the Democratic race, and July 21. Though most of the comments were neutral in tone, CMPA reportedly found that when there was an opinion offered, it was more likely negative against Obama. Only 28% of the opinions offered about Obama were positive, while 72% were negative. McCain’s numbers were clearly better: 43% positive opinions versus 57% negative.

I know many people who recognize the problems with our media yet do not know how to work stop it. Media Matters is an incredible outlet to do just that, and I suggest to any progressive activist to begin working with Media Matters to expose the farce that our "unbiased" and "nonideological" press has become.

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