Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moveon Attacks McCain "Gimmick"

By: Harry Waisbren released a new ad today attacking John McCain's plan for reducing our dependence on foreign oil by increasing offshore drilling. Watch this ad, entitled "gimmick", below (via Huffington Post):

"Voters can see through gimmicks like offshore drilling, which will produce no oil for years and even then will hardly reduce the price of gas," describes Eli Pariser, MoveOn's Executive Director. "The question is, who do we trust to lead us to a post-oil economy - McCain, who has taken over a million dollars from oil companies and voted for billions in subsidies for Big Oil, or Obama who has a real plan to solve our energy crisis and to create millions of jobs doing it?"

This ad strikes McCain on a particularly vulnerable issue, considering the myriad of reasons for not lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling. In fact, this issue is so cut and dry that our very own Oil-Baron-in-Chief's top energy forecaster has said that it will not help at the pump. Furthermore, even one of McCain's top advisors admitted that it will have no immediate effect on gas prices.

Perhaps this decision has something to do with the flood of oil money--$1.1 million in the last month--that McCain has received after his flip flop on drilling. The oil companies can't help McCain's argument on the issue though, as he has already resorted to claiming that this is important despite the lack of immediate relief due to the "psychological impact" it'd have on rubes like the American people.

It's issues just like this one that led Brave New Films to create the video "Big Oil Fuels the Straight Talk Express". Check it out below (via Think Progress):

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