Friday, March 6, 2009

March 8th edition of Forward Forum

Social justice and the involvement of young people will be a common thread on this week's Forward Forum, airing at 2pm on Sunday on WTDY, Madison 1670 and streaming live at .  

Dennis Graham with Launchpad join us to tell us about an upcoming high school band competition at Waunakee High School.  Launchpad is a statewide, alternative music competition for  Wisconsin high school students who are in bands formed outside of  the traditional music classroom ensembles. Launchpad and other  Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA) programs help young people  discover and expand their full music potential.   The program raises money for Wisconsin schools and the winners get a gig at Summerfest, record a CD and a Les Paul guitar.   See .

Longtime co-host Harry Waisbren, just back from Washington, joins us to discuss his latest adventures in broadening activist connections between campus and community.

And then John and Stephanie will open up the phones for you to discuss the pressing issues of the day nationally and locally.  Please join in our discussion by calling 321-1670.

And be sure to return to our blog for archived links to recent past shows .

See you on Sunday!

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